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here we will try to answer mnost frequently asked questions. If you have not answered question dont hestitate to contact us at or contact us form down this page

how many accounts i can buy?

first try to buy 1 or few to test it works for you, then you may purchase a bulk

what payment methods you accept?

currently we accept only paypal, soon will add crypto

how to handle 2fa?

if account has 2fa activated, please check in account information the 2fa secret, which you can enter at to get one time code

what if google account asks sms to login?

you may use your phone number to receive sms or use to receive sms in bulk. Keep in mind your IP location should match your phone number location.

what if my order not being delivered and delayed?

we currently only accept PayPal and it can be used by fraudsters, so your order, especially repeated order may be delayed until we verify it was legitimate

Why windows is so cheap is it legit key?

Yes absolutely, we just have good supply for windows and currently our store is starting so we offer good price at windows 10 and 11 licenses

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